Lately, the driver has gained support for kernel 2. This will mostly translate into difference of coverage between the various cards range and resistance to interference. This driver was not digitally signed. However, even though those devices use the same MAC controller and the same driver, those devices are not the same. However, I believe that Cisco has an edge in term of stability. In a bold marketing move, Proxim renamed all it’s other lines of wireless cards as Orinoco, however those cards are not based on the Agere chipset but on Atheros chipset X, X and X. X and only on x86 platforms.

admtek adm8211 driver

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The card is mostly sold in the Pcmcia form factor, along with the Access Point. The latest version of the driver may be found in the Orinoco CVS see section 3. X, has complete support for Wireless Extensions, and support monitor mode, so you can see how much Andrea has been busy lately After that, most of the work has been in the area of ad-hoc and monitor mode, WPA support and power management.

Download driver adm – Google Docs

Admteo very complete Non implemented: Bas modified his Swallow driver and created this driver which offer very similar functionality and feature as the Swallow driver see section 3. Compact Flash cards need a specific driver because they don’t have the firmware stored on the card and therefore the driver has to download the xriver to the card after each reset. The cards labelled feature no encryption, the cards labelled feature 40 bits encryption and the cards drivrr feature bits encryption.


The driver is based on Lucent source code, which is a cut down version of their full driver. For some reasons, it seems to have only been used in various USB dongles. Moreover, those devices don’t use the same radio modem mostly Lucent or Intersil and same antennas.

ADMtek ADM8211 devices

Then, Javier added to the driver the Cisco proprietary API, which allow communication with Cisco utilities see section avm8211. Ben has added Airport support to this driver see section 3.

admtek adm8211 driver

However, this driver is not compliant with kernel 2. Lately, the driver has gained support for kernel 2. Not surprisingly, the driver is very similar to the Wavelan-IEEE binary driver except for being full sourceto the point of mentioning “Turbo” cards what Symbol calls “High Rate”.

The devices, the drivers – 802.11b

Christian told me that it should work with other Symbol cards with minor changes, and that the driver has been tested with IPsec and MobileIP.

Just after the driver was GPL’ed, the support for Wireless Extensions was fixed and greatly drivfr by Ron Wireless Tools can now be used to configure the card.

Avaya another Lucent spin-off is also selling the Orinoco. However, the initial firmware for those cards did support only a non-compliant Ad-Hoc mode called Ad-Hoc demo mode – which interoperate with most PrismII cards. Module parameters and Wireless Extensions Statistics: Dan has fixed various bug and kept the driver up to date in the kernel, and Matthieu has added WPA support.


David has done a complete rewrite of the driver see section 3. I added firmware detection support in 1. Some of those cards don’t have firmwares and therefore need to use the new firmware uploading facility of Linux via HotPlug.

This give them more performance and flexibility. Does not support HermesII.

adm – Debian Wiki

The driver was then improved by the Linux users. Wireless Extensions, with optional patch Monitor: The latest version adds support for 2.

admtek adm8211 driver

Later, the driver has been integrated in the Linux kernel 2. So, the driver includes complete security support, Wireless Extensions and roaming support. As the core of the driver is common with the Orinoco driverthis driver has the exact same feature set which rriver quite extensive – see section 3.

The main difference with ADMtek driver is that this driver is fully OpenSource and support only kernel 2. The Arlan family is