The settings after the initial set up described by the author can be seen in the preference, Studio Window. When will AirPlay do that? And Airfoil was a lifesaver for this. Where do I find output controls? It replaces the older Airfoil Speakers for Mac. August 11, at I know it has to be the app, because when i connect natively the speaker works flawlessly and radium connects to multiple speakers better too.

airfoil for mac 10.5.8

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Make sure your soundflower install matches your OS version.

airfoil for mac 10.5.8

You just connect your iPhone to what ever hardware you like. You must log in or register to reply here.

Airfoil Reviews

Slix macrumors Original poster. Final Version 1 MacOS October 18, at 7: No need for Airplay or Airfoil enabled hardware systems.

Another benefit is the equalizer settings are saved in fog. Thursday, August 1, at 8: Great value and fantastic support. April 8, at January 12, at 4: A shame, otherwise it works fine. Got it all to work except last step where you right click on AU Lab icon to make it load during booting.


AirPlay Receiver PowerPC Mac?

I love it and this new update is even better because I have maac bluetooth speakers that I use, but my mac is my main entertainment hub, hooked to my tv for a monitor. Any way to get it via the headphone port as well?

If Rogue Amoeba airfil it, you can be assured of a quality product and great tech support, if needed. After restart Au Lab would open, but not the settings.

Any audio magicians out there who know how to set this up? The new Airdrop feature will do this by default. I need a version of Airfoil that runs on Tiger. Never fails with my Sirius radio. This had always too much Bass through my external speakers but now I can get it just right.

Airfoil For Mac – download

February 6, at November 2, at 5: Such an inelegant solution! Is there any easy fix to get the volum higer? October 8, at 2: My situation is a bit different but probably worth mentioning. If you have nothing to hide on your computer, and, if you have no concern about installing an application that may or may not be authentic and may or may not contain spyware or malware, go ahead and install the Soundflower.


airfoil for mac 10.5.8

Rodney E Hiebert says: Once rebooted, follow along with the instructions below:. February 8, at 3: The do need to be running.

airfoil for mac 10.5.8

I followed the above instructions but did a wrong selection at Step 4 and saved in a Document File.