Notify me of new comments via email. The waiting period from March to July then saw the team’s retreat to Boku no Taiyo and Pajama Drive performance again. Answer about her fav performing costume appeared in her second vlog released on Youtube. The critical question is this. Seishun Girls finale was held twice on that last day. It went into another successful one.

cinderella wa damasarenai

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This song returns to the group’s regular delivery, fast paced dance and fast singing style. All songs musically are of good ones and very well-performed. The fast tempo and multiple melodic bends make the song seem difficult to follow. For KIII having a long beginning to level up as juniors, who but they could do it best? She even seemed to be inconfident of her body size and thought she was too big to be cute.

cinderella wa damasarenai

Dxmasarenai fast stand-mike kicking at The music is technically good, having the same clear and fluent sound as in Beach Sandal and Himawari of Boku no Taiyo. Yakusoku Yo Let’s Promise. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Surely it goes very well with Salsa dance.

The blue rose that in fact doesn’t exist is an allusion for the impossible love. The easy listening single Yuuhi wo Miteiruka may also satisfy that well or ‘Kaze wa Fuiteru’.


The show performed by sixteen KIII members.

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It could be just one way for management to seize moment and turn it into a handful of profit by, once again, a gimmick that damasarnai fans back to get involve in exhaustive competition of winning the promised CD album to be released for any JKT48 team whose tickets were first sold out.

And she kept asking her fans back in the media about how well she performed it. Contrary to Blue Rose, the introvert Kinjirareta Futari is a slow pianic rhythm and moody song, performed by even less members.

It did shape the image of KIII that fans liked to see or expect. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

cinderella wa damasarenai

Your words are like adorning roses An inviting gaze from you Nonchalantly you turn to my hip That right hand And dance like flamenco…. The beat has less dance flavor than Seishun Girls, more bringing up a light rock sound that goes along with the electric guitar intro.


It is about keeping yourself determined and having an enthusiastic mood. Cinderella wa Damarasenai is also arranged by Yoshimasa Inoue, once again proving that he is a very talented Japanese pop musician. Members still wears the same costume but now with weaker moves to show the vamasarenai feeling of self-contented cinderelal been with the loved one.

Blue Rose 4 members M Only singing it with a proper vocal strength behind standing mike may be just enough for standing claps. Both were gained nice round applause.


Boku no Uchiage Hanabi http: A good ending song, isn’t it? After all, no fans would turn down any new setlist.

Lirik Lagu Cinderella Wa Damasarenai by Akb48 Lyric

The regular performing members dajasarenai schedule were supposed to be those who appeared on shonichi. Korogaru Ishi ni Nare appears in the mini album ‘Flying Get’ released in during the voting time of annual general election for 6th Single’s senbatsu team, that came out to be ‘Gingham Check’. The waiting period from March to July then saw the team’s retreat to Boku no Taiyo and Pajama Drive performance again.

What if other team had better singing ability but their tickets were sold slower? This is the recording sound only which is clear from any theater noise. It was started with Member Dzmasarenai Yuvia, as kageana 1 or backstage announcer.

The setlist begins with the tittle song, Seishun Girls.

cinderella wa damasarenai