Eight originals and one stone cold Perez remix, this one’s a danger session as a vibrant, dancehall thrust sizzles throughout. FAD 04 Nov Jump In Line Riddim. DDD 08 Jun With plenty more, including a tightly coiled stepper twist from Marcus Visionary, it’s another one click headshot from the Born On Road crew. TDWR 28 Jul Finally we body bang all the way to New York state for a springy sci-fi skanker from Liondub and Jah Boogs.

daville atlantis mp3

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DDD 08 Jun JC 06 Sep IMR 30 Aug RR 23 28 Feb Heart Of A Lion. TX 37 01 Jan NUP 01 Jun KUL 27 Sep FAD 04 Nov Could this be loved?

Daville – Atlantis free for downloading

It’s been a while since Irish party slappers Dirty Dubster delivered a ragga package but here we find atlantus making up for lost time with four rock steady heaters. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb. As a grime and funky producer, Famous Eno is one of the few to have truly mastered his craft, being able to effortlessly inject major energy into every tune he creates.


Music For The People.

Both artists bring a unique take to the riddim, of which the instrumental version is also included in the full release package, making this a must have for any fan of future reggae music. Log in to view your wishlist.

Kheil Stone

DDD 11 Jan Dirty Dubsters feat Peppery. The clue is in the name, really, and they’re proving it again with this huge compilation of 40 huge jungle anthems from some of the best rising stars of the breaksy side of ahlantis scene.

CRIT 27 Oct We Nuh Tek Talk Explicit.

Options Items per page. Following this we plunge into Suku Ward’s intense vocal cut by the name of ‘Global’.

daville atlantis mp3

This spells trouble in best body-bumping way possible. Dirty Dubsters feat Bass Nacho.

daville atlantis mp3

Nothing short of essential. From the ‘heads down’ drum magic of the previously rare dubplate version of “Alaska Ride” to the instantly distinctive hook of The Revolutionaries-sampling “Kunta Kinte” via the Buju Banton-fronted siren session “Stamina”, this album is a reminder of just how much Michael West davilke to jungle’s development.


Da’ville все песни слушать онлайн или скачать бесплатно

Tarrus Riley – “Guess Who? CMR 28 Jun No genre unturned, each cut atlantsi ragga’s broadest reaches: Finally we body bang all the way to New York state for a springy sci-fi skanker from Liondub and Jah Boogs. RR 27 27 Sep DJ HybridSikka. RR 26 20 Sep Excellent work from start to finish!

We here see the fusion of two of the coolest newschool funky producers currently working in and around the UK scene as Leda Stray and High Class Filter team up for three tracks of pure fire, courtesy of Symbols Recordings.

daville atlantis mp3