Mail will not be published required. February 26, at I remember the family singing the Haluski song while making it. Website link to your site, optional. I used to do folk dancing here in Canada and we went to Slovakia one year to perform there and compared to their dance groups, we totally sucked, but everyone loved the fact that we were trying. As far as I know, they are still together.

elan tanecnice z lucnice

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The lead singer is called Pavel Habera, and my favorite part of this clip is around second 18 when he comes out of that lake like some Loch Ness monster. Leave a Licnice Click here to cancel reply. One of my friends commented that the first time he saw somebody playing it, he though the guy was playing a tree.

But lots of fun. I hope you enjoyed this post so far. Happy Holidays Wishing you all happy holidays and all the best in MusicSlovakia Blog Tags: March 29, at 6: Thanks for the music links Lubos. The title means We are still the cool guysand the song is about folks lucmice grew up but are still hip.


elan tanecnice z lucnice

That sound at the end of the song is made by fujaratraditional Slovak shepherd instrument. Thanks for this post. July 29, at 8: For instance, Clint Eastwood is definitely a frajer.

Tanečnice z Lúčnice (English translation)

I no longer do the dancing that was when I was lycnice younger. Here are few other Elan hits: At least, in the context used here. People still stick to the traditions from the old country around here. This song talks about the time they picked up really pretty and fun hitchhiker chicks babypronounced bahby.

July 30, at 7: I bet it must awesome.

Legenda 1 by Elán on TIDAL

Lojzo — these guys had fun, folksy type songs and the first time I ever heard Bare Naked Ladies I thought they sounded a lot like Lojzo. July 5, at 7: Later on, the Djs started to scratch, put instrument sounds and vocals on their beats. I think every song they ever released is totally awesome. I probably should have looked those up, but that seemed like too much hassle. August 9, at ,ucnice I will think of a few more ideas. Tublatanka was the main main-stream metal band — think Slovak Metallica.


elan tanecnice z lucnice

July 30, at 5: As far as I know, they are still together. Wishing you all happy holidays and all the best in The message here is definitely still valid: It was so much fun. More info you will find on this website: Subscribe to the newsletter.