I love to hate it. This could be in terms of the plot it was meant to address, whether the character who sung it really should have, who should have sung the song, or all of the above. Welcome back to my tv! The Beautiful Girls This week, the women of Mad Men get their time to shine though not necessarily in the best light. Poor Rachel couldn’t even admit to herself that she was threatened by competition. You could call it my guilty pleasure: Back with the entire gang of folks I missed.

glee 04x02

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As Lauren points out at the end of the song, this was offensive. I think Rachel has found her new go-to formula: I like that she’s an independent girl, but when it comes down to it, you know she still wants to play house with Don.

Finn did not cheat on Rachel. I just hope Ida was happy during her last days. Yeah, you don’t care for her at all, Damon. In my opinion, the lead singer should have been different.

04×02: britney 2.0

She flipped her hair once or twice. I don’t think it’s happening soon though. The Rhodes Not Taken Glee: Post a new comment 15 comments. The answer is NO of course. Still, everyone raise your hands in the air and say ‘yeah’ because I loved ‘New York State of Mind’ and thought it was a great opener. I wish they could face the music together instead of apart, but alas, it seems like we’ll have to wait another season for that.


I get he’s still 04z02 to rule Camelot how he thinks Uther would want him to, but I feel in time, blee he really is the rightful ruler, we’ll finally get to see the Arthur we’ve read about. But, seriously, Poker Face? They probably chose it because it was called Smile and Rachel was just teaching Finn how to smile for pictures or whatever but… Just an awkward choice in song.

More importantly, there was a girl in a wheelchair who was recovering from being hit by a truck and literally finding her way back to her feet. Feel free to share your own hardships about the show, whether you’re anonymous or not.

glee 04x02

I’m psyched to see more of her next week and Santana too! Am 0402 glad that Booth has another girl in his pocket? Worst Outfit of the Week: I love Sue, I really do.

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I glew the rest of the season is only goes up from here. And I’m so happy that Morgause’s plan was thwarted. Will Unique show Marley the wonders of a good colorblocked outfit and reinvent her?


The song is about a boyfriend cheating and only being sorry because he got caught. I see how he’d confuse Faye’s roles right now.

glee 04x02

What sucks is, Blair’s going to be single and jealous while Chuck Bass has it all again. I think I understand why the writers decided to include this song in the episode: Your reply will be screened Your IP address will be recorded. She deserves some happiness in her life.

glee 04×02 britney 2.0 JARLEY

I see Quinn’s back on the squad baby-less. Also, how adorable is she making breakfast for her dad using the stove and RUM! It was embarrassing to watch. They could have picked a 0x402 better song for having someone make you think they like you. Speaking of Silver, I really hope she doesn’t get raped by this dude just because she’s mad at Teddy.