You save my life. I’ve already downloaded the mp3 and the video performance and now I’m looking forward to the clear version of the mp3. Yankumi’s Tearful Graduation season 1. Oretachi no Seishun lyric – Takaki Yuya. Unknown August 3, at

hey say jump ai ing aishiteru mp3

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hey say jump ai ing aishiteru mp3

I always jmp HSJ’s bromance, hahaha. I even have imagined my own concept for the music video and how awesome it would look like, although it would never come true, hahaha.

It’s so difficult to find HSJ: Too bad this one is not their new single so they will not make a music video for this song. I hope you’ll keep loving and supporting them. Shiori Sugawara December 15, at Dewi Aji July 18, at 8: You save my life.

Thank you sooooo much!! He looks more awesome, more handsome, and looks more mature.

愛ing~アイシテル – Hey!Say!JUMP [MP3]: ichibanojump — LiveJournal

I’m so addicted to itadaki high jump too. Star Time – Hey! I hope you guys enjoy the review.


Jaa nee bye bye: You can’t please everyone. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Hey! Say! Jump!

It’s not so catchy when you’re listening to it for the first time, unlike Ultra Music Power, Dreamer, Snow Song, Score, or any other HSJ songs which got me hooked by only listening to it for the first time. How would peole know him? Asu e no YELL. Inoo is the one who make JUMP’s band in concert complete, and people don’t know much about Ryutaro because Johnny never let him has the aisuiteru.

The way Yabu sang the high note is beautiful. Well, it’s not my typical love song, and I don’t think it will be my favorite after some time later because I’m feel like inh song belongs to children.

Daisuki Hey! Say! JUMP: [Download] Hey! Say! JUMP I/O Album!!

I mean, their look changed a lot in this performance. Copyright c See Further, Live Stronger.

I’m doing all this at like 3 in the morning, so let me know if I made a mistake please. I think they are really shining this year and I hope for upcoming years too. Kenjie Santos April 6, at 6: Denisa on Instagram denisaroseno. Musim panas ini, Jepang menyajikan dorama dengan tema-tema yang serupa, yaitu tentang cewek yang menyamar menjadi cowok dan dikeliling It seems like he grows his hair back to the Gokusen era which I really like.


hey say jump ai ing aishiteru mp3

Affarina Affandi August 13, at 4: I don’t want to be bias here. Saya baru berhasil menemukan dan mendownload video ini setelah seminggu penuh ngobrak-abrik internet.

hey say jump ai ing aishiteru mp3

Unknown August 3, at Yabu-kun has the most wonderful voice of all them, while Ryosuke, Hikaru, Yuya, and Yuto’s voice remains stable as always. I just discoverd your blog and I’m just like “what have I been doing with my life?