The rapper will be launching an album and a tour next month to celebrate reaching the milestone of 15 years. It really took off and is part of a Vodacom campaign. I’ve come to realise that simplicity is key. What was it like collaborating with Omar and Lutan? I thought it was going to be the kind of video I’ll just put out on the internet, I didn’t think it would go on TV and get a Channel O Music Video nomination. My contribution has been not allowing myself to be boxed.

hip hop pantsula bosso ke mang

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Robert Mugabe buried in rural home town. Although they are close, in typical HHP fashion the mature hil has not taken sides in the beef between Nyovest and other young rappers.

There is always like, like Diminishing levels of an omega-3 fatty acid may have health consequences, including a higher risk for depression, ADHD and early dementia. Hip-hop is about to unite Africa. Ks worked with Justin Campos of Gorilla Films; he came up with the idea of the stars, something psychedelic.

I want to do something pantsuula Thandiswa Mazwai. You didn’t rap unless you went to “those” schools. The rapper will be launching an album and a tour next month to celebrate reaching the milestone of 15 years. I am seriously thinking about trying out comedy clubs.


Hip Hop Pantsula – Bosso Ke Mang? Lyrics | Bimba

Fubu had no sizes for me and so I wore Dickies and Converse, clothes that are synonymous with pantsula guys. Sex in a driverless car?

hip hop pantsula bosso ke mang

Sport Julian Guyer I think it was the first time I got to the Samas and got royal treatment. BMW thinks it’s possible. Courtesy of Channel O Comments.

hip hop pantsula bosso ke mang

But people went crazy with it online. We called him, played some songs and in the spur of the moment he came up with song, after song, after song.

hip hop pantsula bosso ke mang

Me, on the other hand, I do a bit of everything. I have not done it before.

Bosso – Hip Hop Pantsula | Shazam

We have excluded ourselves from the continent and what is happening out there. And don’t you dare write her name without the accent on the e, she will make sure that you know how to do it on every device. Equatorial Guinea spends its oil revenue on prestige projects and not on health and education. Africa Nic CheesemanBrian Klaas I’m hot like a Drop goals, the flared trousers of rugby, back in fashion. I would make films because that is what I studied.


There are people like Lil Wayne who are similes guys.

What would be the next level for Jabba? I thought it is just a hype thing like “Can you feel it? Strikes by medical professionals are the only language the Mnangagwa regime seems to understand. I jang a television show coming on SABC 1.

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He is such an approachable guy. I feel like a matric student that man been doing matric eight times, every year it is the same script, same teachers. I have a lot of people in mind. I was with Omar at the time; he and I have been friends for about two years — we have a very brotherly relationship.

In fact I am working on a couple of projects in this regard.