The horizontal splitter control allows the user to adjust the size of each document’s data dsplay area. To display or hide the status bar, use the Status Bar command in the View menu. Visual Basic Example An example Visual Basic project is included with the mbslvocx distribution zip file. Each document represents a different block of data from a modbus device. Allows you to configure COM Port 5. If the user attempts to address a node which is not present, no indication will be received, i. Use the Status property to evaluate the results of the Update , or use the Ready event to indicate new data available.

modscan32 manual

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Allows you to configure COM Port 5. Communications errors or Exception Responses returned by the slave device are listed on the ModScan status line.

ModScan Details

Any address supported by the device may be scanned and the associated values listed on the bottom of the display. The size of each file and the date it was last updated is shown following each file name. Floating-point representation uses the contents of two consequtive bit registers to assemble one bit IEEE floatingpoint value. Data may be accessed from the control via the following array properties: Broadcast mode is not supported with this function code. WriteStatus This status property is set by the control to indicate the results of the last write command issued from the control.


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Page 11 The step by step procedure to form the CRC is as follows: The UpdateFinished modacan32 does not indicate success or failure of the Update.

Error Detection There are two types of errors which may occur in a communications system: Messages are executed from the script file in a loop and results may be logged to a disk file for later evaluation. New Creates a new document. Operation of the bit version of ModSim is similar, but is not detailed in this document.

Open Opens an existing document. Page 2 Page 3 Purpose of this manual This manual represents a composite technical description of the applications offered by WinTECH Software to support data acquisition and manipulation using the modbus communications protocol.

modscan32 manual

Arrange Icons Arranges icons of closed windows. A March 20, ModScan Coil values are displayed as either or. C02 April 4, Last Updated: EnableBlockWrites This boolean property determines how modbus data is written to the slave device attached to the control.

Block Writes The following property and method determine how modbus data is written to the slave device s.

Win32 Modbus Applications ControlPak. Evaluation Software Specializing in testing and diagnostic tools for Developers, WinTECH Software offers several products designed for modsdan32 integration and troubleshooting of communications systems.


modscan32 manual

ModScan32 supports many features added as a result of requests made by users of ModScan The values are provided in binary up to the mannual capacity of the controller. Fully-functional demo applications are available from the following Web-Site: This allows custom programs to be generated, using Visual Basic, Excel Basic, etc.

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Exception Responses Programming or operation errors are those involving illegal data in a message, no response from the PLC to its interface unit, or difficulty in communicating with a slave. The protocol provides for one master device and up to slave devices on a common line.

Modbus Master ActiveX Control. If the user attempts to address a node which is not present, no indication will be received, i.

Evaluation Software

Tile Arranges windows in non-overlapped tiles. Swapped Dbl Register Values are displayed in floating point notation, least significant register first.

modscan32 manual

All modbus data currently contained within MNetMon local memory is made available via the View Data menu selection.