Then, once you’re done, you can either save the Excel or Word, or Powerpoint, or whatever document to your workstation’s filesystem, or you can upload to the BI Presentation Catalog using the Publish View button So how do we get the data into this table, without any tools such as ODI? I’m not going through the install, this has been documented very well in other blogs, e. I can either load data straight from files on my local workstation, or I can upload them, for example using Hue, into the HDFS filesystem first. It installs the basic components that are needed to play around with OBIEE’s components and even installs Essbase and the various Essbase tools.

obiee smartview

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In a session almost entirely made-up of live demos, Michael will take us through the basics of Groovy and the SDK, and show us a few examples of where this could add value to your data integration projects. This could be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen before. Which was probably a good thing in the end, as I never met anybody actually able to customise Daily Business Intelligence, a task that makes customising the BI Apps seem like plugging your iPod into iTunes running on a Mac.

Stewart and I were particularly keen to put together this session as it brings together work Stewart did a few years ago on fault-tolerant ETL in the Oracle Databasewith some blog posts I put together over the Christmas break around highly-resilient ETL with ODI11g. Unfortunately, all I saw was what you can see below: So how does this process look when using ODI to do the Hive data loading?


Boris Dahav January 20, at 2: Press the right arrow and Create New Connection. Apply Excel formatting to BI data; formats are retained when you refresh. XML, I used in the previous section, it didn’t work.

I’m NOT responsible for any damages in whatever form caused by the usage of the content of this blog. Masked objects can be viewed upon refresh. Select the language to use for the installation wizard.

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And what if we want to get data out of Hive and into regular tables if a relational data store makes more sense than Hadoop, for a particular reporting requirement? Intelligence is all about knowledge.

obiee smartview

As opposed to the Enterprise installation option, this should smmartview be used for prototyping and is not intended for use in an environment that’s actively accessed by users, whether in DEV or PROD. The url was http: I couldn’t find any smartvifw to open this menu without opening an existing report first Michael smith July 25, at 7: But its easy to get rose-tinted-spectacles about Discoverer; having to dig out and maintain ancient Oracle JInitiator Java browser plug-ins to get Discoverer Plus to work; Discoverer Viewer only having a fraction of the functionality of Discoverer Plus; the web-based version of Discoverer first appearing with Oracle 9iAS, possibly the worst piece of Oracle software ever released, and so on.

SmartView as the Replacement for BI Office with OBIEE

Now we have access to it using the URL: But the introduction of Oracle 9i OLAP was a masterclass in suicidal smqrtview marketing; first, there was no backward compatibility with Express Server tools, so all obife the users of Oracle Financial Analyzer and Oracle Sales Analyzer had to wait years for the product at 1 in our list, with of course most of them decamping to Microsoft OLAP Services or Arbor Essbase instead.


DirProperties —Fetch properties of a directory.

If data is not changed immediately, just click the refresh button available in Excel toolbar ribbon. I removed one of the blogs in the side bar that might have been the problem.

Additional calculated fields can be added, in what is arguably a more obvious way than you’d do so in the Analysis Editor I do not know if it’s just me or if everyone else experiencing issues with your website.

Putting ERP to Work in Higher Ed

It may have all worked out. I came across a situation that noone had experienced out there, or at least blogged about.

obiee smartview

For example, smartvisw can: Hive, compared to Oracle at least, is pretty simplistic in terms of the data manipulation you can do with it, and is more akin to working with Oracle external tables than a full insert-update-delete-ACID-compliant database but then again, it was never intended to be that. I followed the steps explained in there, used forward slashes instead of backslashes etc.

Create an XML file.

obiee smartview

In this first example columns in the source file were mapped 1: GetPrompts —Get prompt values of a view. And create new reports with Smart View. GetPagePrompts —Get page selections of a view.