Add Videos View All. Added by riyasha45 0 Comments 0 Likes. Last reply by Toni Koehler Apr By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. StorNext enables multiple Windows, Linux and Apple workstations to access shared block storage over a Fibre Channel network.

quantum stornext

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Regardless of where the data resides, it is all maintained in a single namespace. Last reply by Jakub Szarlat Jul 9. Using all three capabilities, customers can create three tiers of front-end client performance: TopEssay updated their profile Aug The data that is being generated can be analyzed and leveraged to gain tremendous insights that could be massively beneficial for businesses.

quantum stornext

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Quantum StorNext® Shared Storage – Xcellis™ Workflow Storage | ATTO

Retrieved from ” https: Last reply by Roger Beck Dec 21, Client systems are not required to run the same operating system to access a shared filesystem containing StorNext data. Sign up for the StorageReview newsletter. Register now for our StorNext 6 webinar. Quantum offers customers two choices for qhantum infrastructure for StorNext: Add a Discussion View All. Many customers also use Storage Manager to create granular and efficient data protection as many versions of policy-selected files can be copied to a second data location or media without the need for quanfum time and resource consuming ‘file-walker’, avoiding the pain of backup.


Quajtum Rugged Raid Shuttle Review. Last reply by Cory Jun Finally, administrators use Storage Manager as an HSM for migrating data between tiers particularly to tape for cost effective archive.

With devices like GoPro cameras recording thousands of hours of 4K content smart home IoT devices like Nest thermostats, Phillip Hue lights, and August smart locks, unstructured data is being generated on a massive scale. Some media customers use Storage Manager’s policy tiering capability to enable the extension of uqantum disk storage into object storage or very high performance tape. With the introduction of Lattus-M object storage inQuantum introduced the capability to archive data durably at greater than 11 9s on disk, at very high throughput.

quantum stornext

StorNext can be used for other data intensive workloads such as technical computing, big stornxt analytics, video surveillance, real-time editing and manipulation of massive media datasets for entertainment, high-performance archive, and large-scale content repositories.

Suantum reply by Nuno Martins Sep 6, Views Read Edit View history. A common application are television and feature film post-production as many multiple editors can access the same set of video data non-destructively. Deployed with more thanclients, StorNext has long been used as a way to capture bandwidth-intensive video, production, and distribution workflows.


Quantum Announces StorNext 5.4

Undo renaming of files? Last reply by Michael Richter Mar Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.

These MDC’s act as the traffic director for the block-level filesystem with no data-overhead typically associated with NAS configured network shares. Last reply by Tim Triche Jul I have a client that when connect to my stornext system it just recalls files back. StorNext has both software and hardware elements. Last reply by Michael Richter Sep 6, Sign Up or Sign In.