This plenitude of the Spirit in Christ, this fulness of grace and truth i. Tidak ada hal yang disebut teologi aman. That its waters were good enough for him and his sons, is a proof of their excellence; that they sufficed for all his household and cattle, is evidence of their abundance. The Word, being essential life, was mingling Himself by participation with all existing things. Seratus tahun yang lalu pemimpin misi dari Eropa dan Amerika mengemban tanggung jawab untuk mengembangkan kembali misi Kristen di dunia. Islamic expansion often is progressive; it moves steadily outwards from its cosmic center, and Mecca continues to have that cosmic significance that no place on earth can have for Christians even our Jerusalem is the new Jerusalem, not the old one, and it comes down ready-made out of heaven at the last time. Now, this mysterious procession of the Son from the Father through the intellect, is implied here in His being called the Word.

repentes gospel

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This Word was in the beginning with God. Dan menengok ke belakang, tentunya, orang akan melihat bahwa penemuan-penemuan tentang Kristus selama ini justru ada di dalam Alkitab.

Mereka telah tercabut dari masyarakat itu. Tidak ada hal yang disebut teologi aman. The whole Gospel points to its author as one who was intimately acquainted with Palestine and its customs, and who had lived and moved among the events he describes.

This man came for witness, namely, in order that he might bear witness of the lightthat is to say, the Incarnate Word, to the end that through him all might believe in relentes Word. The meaning is, that the Word, as the source and author of faith, was always, as far as in Him lay, enlightening men.

Demographics, Power and the Gospel in the 21st Century

The Ephesian situation arose because of the vital repfntes between converts and proselytes. Serta mengirim utusan misi yang berlatar belakang non-Yahudi dan Yahudi kepada orang Yahudi dan dunia orang Yunani.


repentes gospel

A century later, Christianity in Europe is in deep decline, and North America I suspect showing many of the signs that Europe did when its own, soon rapidly accelerated, decline from Christianity began. The Samaritans, with whom, as here stated, the Jews avoided all intercourse, were either pure Assyrians or a mixture of Jews and Assyrians, at best a mongrel race.

Ia menganalisa khususnya sikap utusan misi, bahwa terkadang sikap merekalah yang membuat hubungan menjadi sulit. Prepare ye the way of the Lord Jehovahmake straight in the desert a highway for our God. Sekali lagi, kekristenan telah bertahan dari krisis besar karena kekristenan telah ditransmisikan kepada orang-orang dengan bahasa yang berbeda, budaya yang berbeda, bahkan pandangan hidup yang berbeda.

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A house of traffic. Reckoning from the latter, we have twenty years till the birth of Christ, and thirty years since that event, making fifty, from which, however, four must be subtracted, because our era is four years too late.

Shineth —the present tense is used, though the latter part of the verse shows that the past also is meant: Ini berarti orang-orang Kristen dari benua Selatan sekarang menjadi perwakilan semua orang-orang Kristen, di mana melalui mereka kualitas kekristenan di abad 21 dan 22 akan dinilai, merekalah yang akan menjadi pembentuk norma-norma, pedoman bagi orang-orang kristen.

Fue un asunto arriesgado. Reoentes are rpentes four months, and then the harvest cometh.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Gospel of St. John by Joseph MacRory

Bahkan keseluruhan Arabia, tidak terbantahkan lagi adalah muslim. Of those who understand them metaphorically, some take the sense to be: We know that around the temple as rebuilt by Herod the Great, there were three courts: Atau coba pikirkan hari-hari, yang bahkan sedikit dari orang Kristen sekarang ini menyadari bahwa hari-hari itu gospell terjadi, ketika iman Kristen menjadi suatu kepercayaan di seluruh lembah Efrat dan sebagian besar penduduk yang tinggal di daerah Irak sekarang, memeluk iman kristen; ketika gereja-gereja baru bermunculan di Iran bahkan melintasi Asia tengah, sampai ke negara-negara yang sekarang kita kenal sebagai Afganistan dan Tajikistan.

If understood of the vision of comprehension this is universally true of every creature, man or angel; if of seeing God in His essence without comprehending Him, it is true of all while they are here below.


repentes gospel

Mereka membuat partai-partai lama ketakutan dengan kesuksesan mereka dalam pemilihan, sehingga partai-partai lama ini pun mulai mengambil kebijakan yang sama dengan partai-partai baru. If you will not believe Me when I teach you the comparatively elementary doctrine of Baptism, which regards the regeneration of man here on earth, how shall you believe if I go on to speak of truths more sublime, more removed from the realms of sense and human comprehension?

Teologi merupakan hasil dari penyesuaian budaya.

repentes gospel

Kita dapat terus melihat dari abad ke abad, namun abad yang repsntes berlalu menunjukkan kisah yang sama terulang kembali. So nearly all the fathers. To this gos;el statement, however, there is added, according to the method of pointing repemtes passage common at present, an additional clause which gives us the meaning: Nicodemus either understood our Lord to speak of a second carnal birth; or perhaps, not understanding the words at all, he may have pretended to misunderstand, in order to get Christ to explain.

They were the descendants of the Assyrian conquerors; they held what was the rightful inheritance of the Jews; they corrupted Jewish worship; they endeavoured to prevent the rebuilding of the Temple under Zorobabel 1 Esd.

It is most likely that the conversion took place in the water-pots, and not on the way from them to the table. There were some, however, repenres believed in Him, or, according to the Hebraism, in His name, and to these, whether Jews or GentilesHe gave power to become adopted children of God.