Playlists of all lessons. The Whiteboard feature allows students and instructor to annotate, write, draw and add images on all screens and is shared with all in that group. Airports Education Computers Animals Phonics. Used with SANAKO Study , the application allows teachers to easily distribute their classroom notes to students in the Study live learning session with a single mouse click. Extensive set of language learning activities – Listening Comprehension, Discussion, Model Imitation and Reading Practice Includes SANAKO Study Digital Recorder – advanced tools for better results Voice Insert – in this mode, gaps can be inserted automatically into source material while students are recording their voices Flexible Licensing – from one classroom to a full Site License Teacher controlled web browsing with “Follow Me” presentation mode.

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Insert bookmarks and subtitles. Please note that the Conference Interpreting activity is available as a separate module for Sanako Study andand is not included in either one by default. Playlists of all lessons. SANAKO Study is language teaching software that meets any institution’s demand for teaching technology that is lightweight, dynamic, scalable and fully modern.

Sanako Pronounce software automatically provides stydy students and taechers with instant feedback on their pronunciation for that sentence, phrase or even a paragraph.

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Students listen to and repeat a model track to sanqko the stress, rhythm and intonation of a foreign language, while their voices are recorded. The telephone conversations between students can be recorded and collected at the end of the activity. Study has been cerfified for use with Windows Vista and the latest version, version 5.

sanako study 1200

In the Self-Access mode each student works independently of all the other students. Completed student work is saved automtically dtudy the Sanako Anywhere server.


Multimedia language lab software and classroom management.

This unique feature stusy for the creation of exercises during playback. The built-in digital recorder in Study student application allows the to studyy a wide range of compatible media file formats for language Students can play, stop, rewind, fast forward and pause a file and their voices. Teachers can assign lesson files to students to work with on multiple platforms, such as tablets, Windows OS, and Chromebooks etc. Model Imitation Students listen to and repeat a model track to practice the stress, rhythm and intonation of a foreign language, while their voices are recorded.

You can initiate different activities for the students and sanaki different methods for each session to individualize learning. Voice Insert In the Voice Insert mode, gaps can be inserted automatically into source material, which means that you do not have to leave silent parts for the answers in the recordings — any audio file can be used.

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Assign and Collect Homework. Features and Benefits Extensive set of language learning activities. Text to Speech is the ability to turn any written text into spoken audio content in many languages. Teachers can also prepare and evaluate exercises.

Vocabulary Test for word quiz -type language learning tests. With the Examination module you can easily create a variety of tests for students.

These exercises integrate to Study environment and can be used to demonstrate all capabilities of Sstudy content format. Students can be assigned as Interpreters, Delegates and Observers. Subtitling adds an additional layer for written practice.

sanako study 1200

In addition to pair and group discussions Study has a round table discussion that allows you to set up small student groups with a designated chairman, who leads the discussion.


More advanced students can be put in a self-study session while you focus on the students who require more support. Instructor sets up small groups with a designated chairman who leads a discussion and passes the microphone around the group. This also a useful addition for students working alone with media files.

When finished, teachers can collect student work, student recordings or an exercise report for later evaluation. Round table discussion for advanced learners. The activity is perfect for a variety of different exercises based on real-life interaction from simple everyday discussions to role-playing exercises and even sign-language discussions. Discussion Activities You can unobtrusively listen to student conversations, allowing your students to feel free to express themselves using their own words, rather than rehearsed textbook responses.

SANAKO Study is easily installed on top of existing IT resources throughout the institution, making it the ideal whole school solution for language teaching. With the Sanako Study you can set, save, and test audio level in one easy set with the Sanako Sound Device Wizard to ensure optimum audio levels with all Study audio activities, with one easy step.

sanako study 1200

The activity simulates a real-life meeting with a live discussion that is simultaneously interpreted to different languages. It is also modular, allowing teachers to install modules that introduce additional teaching or learning activities, or even classroom management or administrative functions.