Zmanda recommends creation of separate backup set for backing up guest VM images. To backup the configuration of a host, you will need to run this command — vicfg-cfgbackup -server ESXi-IP -username root -password password —save c: Scheduling Backups of VMware Server. Creating Backup and Restore user for Amanda backups. Only level 0 backups full backups can be restored to the Amanda server directory. Software that should be installed on Amanda server 4. The actual names of the packages might be different in different distributions.

vcli 5.5

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Level 1 backups contain only changed data blocks fcli cannot be applied without VMware. This value is case sensitive. Following 32bit packages are also required: Software that should be installed on Amanda server. The incremental backups contain only the changed data blocks in the virtual machine.

It should be verified on the restored VM. Page last modified Older hardware levels are not supported. If the VMware commands vmware-cmd, vmkfs, vmware-diskmanager, snapshotmanager. Please install the latest Amanda VMware patch available in Zmanda network.


Power On and Power Off VMs in ESXi From Commandline |

Guest Virtual Machine and Other requirements. Creating Backup and Restore user for Amanda backups If you are using ESX 3.

To vcl the rest of my posts in the VMware Series — Click on this link. There are additional dependencies for some Ubuntu platforms. Scheduling Backups of VMware Server.

vcli 5.5

Under certain circumstances, the snapshots are not removed. A directory on the Amanda server which sufficient space to store restored images.

You need to install the following: You can go to this site that has the documentation for command line interface — https: You can install the VMware packages as follows:. In Amanda Enterprise 3. You should not use the IP address of the guest VM.

vcli 5.5

In case there are multiple backups for a server, I usually incorporate the date of the backup in the file name. The amandabackup user should be able to read and write vxli this directory on the Amanda server.


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Scheduling Backups of VMware Server This requires vclii part to be installed on a client workstation. Creating Backup and Restore user for Amanda backups. I went to this version of vCLI because I had problems with the 5. You can use the following command: The backups of the guest VM are performed by taking snapshots of the disks associated with the guest VMs.

VMware – Command line backup of ESXi config

The application is licensed. Guest Virtual Machine and Other requirements 5. Configuring VMware Server Backups. No software is required on the ESX server. In addition to the online documentation that you can get to, you can also download a pdf of the same info by going to here — https: