Free Download for Windows. Are you saying that NONE of the addons currently available on this site work with 2. When using some version combinations with 2. It will install and configure everything for you. With that in mind, what’s the best way for me to remove 2.

wampserver 2.1d 64 bits

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To get the “localhost”, “phpmyadmin”, and “webgrind” commands on the WAMP menu to use the new port, you need to use a text editor wampssrver edit the file wampmanager. But you can use port 81 if you want. Any advice would really be appreciated. I use it all the time to test out things before I install them on my live site.

Thanks for your help Steven Andrew. You may create a sub directory in www and add your PHP files into it. The following table shows the software versions provide by various versions of WampServer versions.

Or you can stop or restart one of the WAMP services, or select one of the services and configure or restart it. You can then, for example, select phpMyAdmin from the application list. I did notice at least one other post for the same issue since mine. The application is very intuitive even though it has a lot of functionalities. If not, I may take you up on the Teamviewer option, either way I’ll post to let you know how I get on. OK, maybe I should have been wampsserver.


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WampServer – TNG_Wiki

Download and installation help. The environment was created for app developers and there is forum wamppserver any questions.

If you don’t have an IP address on the line, you evidently don’t want the colon, either. If this is the case why is there no reference to it on either the Download or Addons pages?

You can biits install instructions for WampServer in a TNG Community post titled Setting up a server on your home computer localhost and on the teams tutorial site. When i downloaded i thoght this could be hard to set up. No it 2.1 simple and worked first try. The latest version Wampserver 3. Last edited on 17 Januaryat The service and software appears to be free all the way down the line.

Once it is installed you may access the app development environment.

wampserver 2.1d 64 bits

Server2Go Run a web server without any installation. Helps to make a web hosting through connection in localhosting. WAMPServer is the best. Even when I got the server up it was failing to load all the required PHP extensions so I couldn’t access phpmyadmin. Free Download for Windows.




I downloaded the latest addon for Apache 2. The latest versions can be downloaded from [1].

wampserver 2.1d 64 bits

Steven Martin stevenmartin99 gmail. It dosen’t work properly.

wampserver 2.1d 64 bits

I downloaded and installed the PHP 5.