I just downloaded the game on my laptop and it seems to be working. I’ll give your other options a try again. Thank you so much once again! As noted here, you need to be on version So you need to have exceptions entered or it’s likely to be a problem. As in updating my windows?

xigncode init fail

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I manage to get the game running a few times, the game would launch after initializing xigncode with a black screen afterwards the game would crash. No, create an account cail.


BanzzFeb 27,3 replies, in forum: I have 2 more computers that run the game that did not update inot the latest windows Tried all those options as well. After a windows update, the game won’t start due to xigncode. Sadly the reputation of that isn’t too great from what I hear.

I found myself in similar situation. Any 3rd party applications, software, hardware, injectors, tools, macros, hook-kit, multi-client, DLL injectors or anything change and modify the game values will get you kicked, you could also get banned since it is a violation of the Aeria games TOS.

[C9] Notice – Frequent XIGNCODE ERROR Solutions

However my desktop is being a pain. Since disabling ESET or even uninstalling it does not fix the issue, I still call your opinion invalid and thus – void. I do have Malwarebytes on my other PC’s and that isn’t the issue on this pc i currently use ESET Antivirus but the game ran perfectly fine for me xignckde yesterday.


If putting x3 and the log inside your folder still doesn’t work, send me a picture of what your dragon nest folder looks like. If you had Defender AV exceptions set up before, fakl check they’re still there and don’t assume the upgrade to didn’t wipe them.

If you are running faul issues and using a separate AV software, you’ll need to ensure the separate AV also has the game and xigncode whitelisted.

C9 | Strategic Combat MMORPG

Jun 21, Messages: It should say that ESET is on and the only options for Defender should be to do a periodic scan inti means the real time protection on Defender is disabled. Or maybe just roll back to the previous windows install where you didn’t have problems. It doesn’t happen with Malwarebytes, because they have stayed on top of it and I’ve never had an issue with it either.

As in updating my windows? I’ll definitely log a ticket.

Staff Response – Windows update [Xigncode (Failed to init security)] | Black Desert Online

I will attach 2 pictures of both the updated error and my dragonnest file. Meet the Guardian Mods. And its no problem, I’m not the best at this stuff but I do want to help. Biggest negative in steam reviews. OneshoterSep 2,1 replies, in forum: Anything who enter in conflict with XIGNCODE3, firewalls, anti-virus and webshields could or may cause you to crash or get kicked from the game, it is best to make an exception or to disable these programs while playing.


Please help thank you!

xigncode init fail

Or, you can try setting up DN through this method: It didn’t matter how I set up my antivirus eset in v. Second, perhaps this link will be able to help you: Here are my current Windows Defender exclusion settings from one of my machines. So you need to have exceptions entered or it’s likely to be a problem.

The worst case being, they have a forum posting with complaints like yours from their customers and they haven’t fixed it yet.

xigncode init fail

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